Simple information, helping to identify the best conditions to view the Aurora
Answering the question "Can I see the Aurora?".

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What is Ab3?

There are websites out there containing all the different information you need to decide if you can see the Aurora, where you are. Ab3 brings it all together. We wanted quick, simple, easy to understand information. Something to check while you are on holiday in Finland or Iceland, "Will I see the Northern Lights here tonight?".

What is Ab3 going to do for you?

  • Your chance off seeing the Aurora where you are, for the next 30 min.
  • Current weather conditions and forecast.
  • Sunrise, sunset and moon phase helpers.
  • Simple space weather predictions and forecast, and what it means for Aurora.
  • Deatails of what you need to know and look out for.

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Northern Hemispher Aurora Model
Nothern Hemisphere Aurora Model
Latest model from SWPC NOAA
Southern Hemispher Aurora Model
Southern Hemisphere Aurora Model
Latest model from SWPC NOAA

About the Northern Lights

A popular place to travel for photography and northern lights is Iceland, but did you know you can often see the aurora furthur south. The UK sees the northern lights many times over the winter season, and Ab3 is here to help you find them.

Why make Ab3?

As a photgrapher I have a passion for photographing the Northern Lights, but as a UK based web developer they can be hard to find. It's not unheard of for the lights to be visible as far south as North Wales, however they do not show up offten enough to guarentee a sighting. Seeing that most of the information about when and where the Aurora will form is easily available, I set out to photograph it near me. But that is not all you need to know, in the UK the weather is often poor, with rain showers and full cloud cover, poor conditions for Aurora spotting. And there are other factors too. The moon, the sun, daytime, dawn and dusk, all have their way of spoiling a potentially good Aurora sighting. In fact what we are looking for is a clear, still night, with a new moon, dark skys and strong forcast for Aurora.

Weather data from OpenWeatherMap.org
Space weather data from SWPC NOAA
Weather icons from The Weather Icons project

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